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ebookers mobile website launch  
ebookers |  

Publication:  TTG Live
Date: 10.01.11
Summary: News outlining the newly launched a mobile website which enables consumers to browse and book direct from their mobile phone

Publication:  e-tid
Date: 10.01.11
Summary: ebookers customers can now browse, book and pay for holidays, flights, hotels and car hire via their mobile phones

Publication:  Breaking Travel News
Date: 10.01.11
Summary: News on the newly launched mobile site 

Publication:  Eye For Travel
Date:  10.01.11
Summary: News on the newly launched mobile site 

Publication:  Hotel Deal Finder
Date:  10.01.11
Summary: News on the newly launched mobile site

Publication:  Revenue Management
Date:  10.01.11
Summary: News on the newly launched mobile site 

Publication:  Topix
Date:  10.01.11
Summary: News on the newly launched mobile site 

Publication:  UAE Travel Club
Date:  10.01.11
Summary: News on the newly launched mobile site 

Publication:  Revenue Management Society
Date:  10.01.11
Summary: News on ebookers newly launched fully bookable mobile site 

Publication: Phone Forums
Date:  10.01.11
Summary: News on the newly launched mobile site 

Publication:  Direct Marketing Association
Date:  10.01.11
Summary: News on ebookers newly launched fully bookable mobile site 

Publication:  Haymarket Digital Bulletin
Date:  10.01.11
Summary: News on ebookers newly launched fully bookable mobile site 

Publication:  Brand Republic
Date: 11.01.11
Summary:  ebookers has launched a mobile website that lets consumers book holidays securely from a mobile device 

Publication:  Travolution/Travolution Blog
Date:  11.01.11
Summary: Article highlighting how ebookers has added a booking service to mobile site 

Publication: Marketing
Date:  11.01.11
Summary: News on the newly launched mobile site 

Publication:  T Nooz
Date: 11.01.11
Summary: ebookers launches fully bookable mobile website 

Publication:  HEXUS
Date: 11.01.11
Summary:  ebookers launches fully bookable mobile website 

Publication:  I Want Sun
Date: 11.01.11
Summary: News on the newly launched mobile site

Publication: Internet Retailing
Date:  12.01.11
Summary: has addressed the growing need of its customers for a mobile way of making and amending bookings with a mobile site launched this week 

Publication:  ABTN
Date:  13.01.11
Summary: News on ebookers newly launched fully bookable mobile site

Publication:  International Travel News
Date:  13.01.11
Summary: ebookers has launched a new website to allow customers to book using their mobile phones

Publication:  eConsultancy
Date:  14.01.11
Summary: launched a mobile website this week, which allows customers to browse and book flights and hotels from their phones


'Solidays' soar as holiday purse strings tighten  
UK Travel | Other News reveals one in six Brits decide to travel alone as recession hits holidaymakers, one of Europe.s leading online travel agents, has found that .Solidays. are on the rise with an increasing number of Brits heading off alone on holiday as friends and family struggle to fund travel plans, according to a new study released today. The research, which polled 4,000 UK adults, reveals one sixth (15%) of holidaymakers has travelled alone in the last 12 months on a leisure holiday due to friends and family being unable to afford the trip as a result of the recession this year. The research also uncovered:

  • When looking to book a Soliday, more than 1 in 10 (14%) admitted they were motivated to travel alone due to a greater offering of package deals for singles available to them.
  • A third (33%) of those who travelled alone admitted that they wanted to try something different to the usual package holiday or city break.
  • Men are twice as likely to go it alone compared to their female friends, with a fifth of men going it alone (22%) compared to 1 in 10 women (11%) .
  • When it comes to maximizing holiday opportunities, people are taking advantage of travelling with work with 1 in 10 (11%) extending overseas business trips to explore their destination.
  • 21% of those who took a Soliday this year, claimed it was because they wanted to travel to a far-flung destination
  • The most popular length of time for a Soliday is 5 . 7 days (21%).

Ben Reynolds, Head of Marketing for, says: .The recession is changing the way we travel, with people looking at new ways to ensure they can still jet off on a break this year. The Soliday seems to be emerging as a trend for people who can still afford a break. Despite friends and family impacted by the recession choosing to stay at home . Solidaymakers have found a way to plan and book travel carefully to ensure they get a bargain break . even if it means going alone..


ebookers reorganises into three key regions Europe  
UK Travel | Other News  

Tamer Tamar, President, comments: "ebookers, one of Europe's largest online travel companies, and Orbitz Worldwide's (NYSE: OWW) full-service European travel brand is reorganising its business operations.

A burgeoning turn-around story in Europe following completion of its platform migration in 2009, ebookers websites now benefit from increased access to hotel inventory and technology that delivers more innovations faster to consumers.

ebookers posted a 43% year-on-year growth in hotel room-nights in the third quarter of FY2009, contributing positively to Orbitz Worldwide's performance. In order to further leverage the common platform and accelerate growth, ebookers is reorganising its business operations from being driven at the country-site level to a nimbler regional structure that will increase speed of execution and catalyze innovation. The twelve ebookers country sites will move to a 3 region operations structure effective immediately.


BA to acquire stake in GoAir?  
European Airlines | British Airways  

A recent media report has revealed that British Airways is considering buying a stake in GoAir. In a recent article, The Economic Times has stated that BA is debating whether or not to take up a 25 per cent stake in the low-cost Indian carrier.

Citing sources close to the potential deal, the newspaper said that a meeting is scheduled to take place between the two airlines in London somewhere during next month.

Asked about the media speculation, BA declined to comment. However, GoAir said that it "does not have any agreement with any other foreign carrier at the moment".


Flight numbers down at major UK airports  
UK Travel | Flights  

New figures have revealed that the number of flight arrivals and departures at major UK airports has dropped by about 10 percent. The implication of this situation for the residents of Suffolk is a decrease in the number of noisy planes zooming overhead. However, campaigners claim that the decline noticed at present is temporary.

Forecasts state that traffic will rise once again in the spring, besides growing more rapidly over the coming years on account of expansion projects to be launched at both Heathrow and Stansted airports, in addition to a range of other regional airports.

Industry circles indicate that the current fall in air traffic is due to winter service reductions, in addition to attempts by airlines to deal with financial difficulties besides a significant decrease in the number of air passengers.


Huge losses predicted for European airlines in 2009  
UK Travel | Other News  

Industry forecasts state that this year will see a continued decline in air passenger numbers leading to enormous losses for airlines in Europe.

A recent report published by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), has predicted that the total value of European airline losses would probably reach about $1 billion in 2009.

According to the prediction published by the industry group, it appears falling passenger demand combined with a weakening euro might result in losses that would be ten times the amount witnessed in 2008.


EU Extends Review Of Lufthansa Bid For Brussels Air  
UK Travel | Flights  

In a statement made on Tuesday, EU"s competition watchdog said the European Commission has decided to extend its review of a bid by Lufthansa to take over smaller Belgian rival Brussels Airlines.

The Commission confirmed that the deadline for its review of the deal was extended to 26th January from 12th January, with the total worth of the deal estimated at EUR250 million euros (USD$337 million). The commission said the move followed its interest to examine commitments targeted at remedying the concerns that the transaction might be anti-competitive.

The announcement was part of a daily list of mergers presently under review by the Commission, which supervises competition in the 27-country European Union. However, it declined to give any further details.


US Planes Full In December Despite Economic Woes  
UK Travel | Other News  
Data has revealed despite slumping demand for travel, US Airlines saw their planes flying full due to downsizing their operations. Capacity cuts resulted in an upsurge in unit revenue at Continental Airlines in addition to reflecting a rare stability for its business that was seen under crucial financial crisis a year ago.

Morningstar analyst Basili Alukos observed, "I can"t see any of the airlines filing for bankruptcy unless you see demand drop like 30 percent. I think they"re in a lot stronger shape. Prices have come up across the whole spectrum.â€Â?

Clawing their way out of a downturn due to high fuel prices during the first half of 2008, most airlines were compelled to reduce the number of seats for sale during the second half in an effort to improve efficiency and support fares. However, plummeting oil prices from July insulated the carriers from the economic difficulties that challenged other industries.


UK holiday destinations benefiting from strengthened euro  
UK Travel | Holidays  
A recent report compiled for the budget hotel chain Travelodge reveals that more than half of UK holidaymakers confirm they had decided to take their breaks closer to home this summer. In addition, the report has listed Blackpool and the West Country among the top destinations.

The survey involved about 3,500 Britons, and has discovered that about 54 per cent of them have planned to take their summer holidays in the UK. Most of them said that they would prefer heading to the coast, with around 13 per cent said they would prefer visiting Blackpool. On the other hand, fifteen per cent stated they would be going for their holidays in the south-west.

Commenting on the survey data, Guy Parsons, the managing director of Travelodge, said this was great news for the country"s domestic tourism industry. However, he stressed that Britain was not doing its best to attract foreign tourists, who are most likely to visit to take advantage of the strength of the euro against the pound.


Taiwan to China charters to exceed 108 weekly target  
UK Travel | Flights  
A report published by Taiwan"s Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) states that the original target of 108 weekly flights offering direct connections between Taiwan and mainland China will be exceeded by 5 January.

CAA said with every consecutive week, applications made by aviation companies for destinations and flight numbers have been increasing which has helped achieve a rate of 108 return weekly flights by the time it was four weeks from the inception of the programme.

The terms of an accord signed by China and Taiwan in November permitted a maximum of 108 weekly charters on the basis of a framework that had been set up in July during when weekend non-stop charters were launched.



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